Football Manager 2024 face generator

  • Playing long careers in Football Manager?

  • Did young Messiah and Ronaldo come to your football academy?

  • Is the new regen so good that he deserves to have your future son named after him?

  • Are Football Manager standard regen faces giving you nightmares?

Old regens is over! :)

FM FaceGan - base of faces of footballers created by a neural network to replace the standard faces of regen in Football Manager of any version!

The database contains 400,000 faces of players created by a neural network. Over 30 gigabytes of images!

    4 geo types of players:
  • African - africa
  • Asian - asia
  • Latin American - latina
  • European - euro


Add regen IDs and geo from FM to the form above. Click the "Generate" button.

Add regen IDs,geo Football Manager

Downloaded archive (example name -, move to folder ะก:/Users/{USER}/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/ and unpack it.

Folder Football Manager

If you have a folder graphics then unpack the archive into it, if this folder does not exist yet, then after unpacking the archive it will be created.

In the graphics folder, the regens_faces folder will be created containing the images created by the neural network and the file config.xml.

After that run Football Manager and clear the cache. That's all.


FM FaceGan demo image 1
FM FaceGan demo image 2
FM FaceGan demo image 3
FM FaceGan demo image 4
FM FaceGan demo image 5
FM FaceGan demo image 6
FM FaceGan demo image 7
FM FaceGan demo image 8
FM FaceGan demo image 10